The Perplexing College Admissions Process

Learning from other individuals experiences is probably the most useful methods to avoid problems and errors when undertaking an endeavor that is new. One of the most complex endeavors these times may be the college admissions process. You will find so variables that are many possibilities for apparently random outcomes that getting the advantageous asset of other applicants' war tales could be key to assisting you avoid pitfalls. This fall, the following information could be quite helpful to you if you will be applying to college.

There is an interesting -- and very long -- thread regarding the College Confidential discussion forum that details some 'applicants' war stories.' What makes you ridiculously furious in regards to the university admissions procedure? explores, across 520 posts, the presssing conditions that perplex and even possibly enrage university applicants and their parents. Even though the qualifier 'ridiculously' in the thread's name can be a bit on the top, you will find certainly aspects of the college process that are in annoying that is least, infuriating and possibly, at worst, temper-tantrum inducing.

Meeting Deadlines Presents Challenges

From my own perspective, having been through the faculty process period with a daughter and son, I can recall being forced to counsel and 'encourage' my son to generally meet a deadline that is short-fuse publishing his EA application to at least one school. It