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Reports Highlight Most Useful Cities for Recent University Grads, Where Millennials Are Going

My inbox fills regular with a great deal of college- and demographic-related information. Throughout the week that is past so, we received updates on two brand new reports: Best Cities for Present university Grads and Millennials going to These Cities. Let's have a look at where in fact the most useful possibilities lie for collegians land where millennials are headed.

First up is HeyTutor's 'Best Cities' report. Here are some excerpts from their intro about where grads have found work:

… job opportunities, earnings, and price of residing vary widely across the U.S. For recent graduates, it is critical to look for a city that offers the right balance between all three. To get which U.S. towns provide the most useful opportunities for present graduates, tutoring firm HeyTutor analyzed information through the American Community Survey, County Business Patterns, and U.S. Bureau of Economic research. Its researchers developed a score that is composite regarding the following metrics:

- Median earnings for current university graduates

- Unemployment rate for recent college graduates (reduced is much better)

- Median lease (lower is better)

- Median house value (lower is much better)

- Arts, activity, & recreation businesses per 1k recent university graduates

- Proportion of populace that are present university graduates

- price of residing (reduced is much better)

For the intended purpose of this analysis, current college grads are understood to be residents many years 22 to 27 having a bachelor's degree or maybe more, perhaps not currently in school.