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In the opinion of an expert infant likely born dead and the miscarriage occurred during the period of approx. 24 hours before finding the body. He added that, during the section were taken for further biological material, including determining the genetic profile of the newborn. "The prosecutor's office because of the interests of the investigation did not disclose further details at present regarding this procedure, and the circumstances under which the corpse" - said the spokesman. About finding the body announced on Wednesday its social profile "Messages Gubińskie." (PAP) by Marcin Rynkiewicz Last Friday, the Sejm passed another amendment, among others, Set on the Supreme Court and the Courts. The Senate approved it - without amendment - on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. Andrzej Duda President signed an amendment on Thursday, the same day it was published in the Official Gazette, and a large part of its provisions came into force on Friday. In connection with the recent developments in the judicial acts they were organized in different cities of the country protests. On Thursday evening in Warsaw after the formal end of the demonstration in front of the Presidential Palace at approx. 23 was a group of demonstrators on the spot - chanted offensive words addressed to the president. Opposite the church at the Presidential Palace came to the use of tear gas. A spokesman for the commander of the metropolitan police mobile. New Year's Eve Marczak said on Friday that "if ther